Personal Profile of Dr. Charles Dimnwaobi


Everyday Group CEO

Dr. Charles Dimnwaobi is the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Everyday Group of Company Limited. He is from Anambra State, South East; Nigeria.

Coming from a modest background, Dr. Charles began as a trader in Marine engines. His vision had been to create a difference in trading experience. For him, there is no harm to explore the world of business. Over the years, with incessant hard work and faith in God and a personal approach to management, he has steered a peculiar strategy to fulfill his vision. Undaunted by the seeming insurmountable obstacles in the business world, he has demonstrated that a combination of strong Seamanship, practical business acumen, thrift and an unconventional perseverance in the face of adversity could win anyone success. The above formed the platform on which Everyday Group of Companies Limited of which he is The Chairman/Chief Executive was founded. No wonder ‘Everyday Group’ is a combination of vision, charismatic leadership and the application of sound business principles subtly reinforced by true entrepreneurship.

Dr Charles’ approach to business is credible, unique and great. His approach to management is egalitarian, empirical and pragmatic. His clear thinking and ability to put customer satisfaction at the heart of his business agenda has made him not only a successful and effective manager but also a strategist. This has created confidence among his staff, sustained customers’ interest and has boosted his reputation as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

His strategic intent is to continue to explore, accumulate, share and create new experiences in business, continuously and repeatedly in a dynamic and spiral process

Dr. Charles has continued to receive national and international honours and awards for his exceptional performance in business and support for humanity. He has a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) from Belize University. He is the ‘Grand Commander’ of the Prestigious Friends Club of Atlanta; a Peace Ambassador in Nigeria, a ‘Paul Harris Fellow’ of Rotary International and just recently was honored with the Africa Child Prize Integrity in Business Award (Accra Ghana). He has been honoured with following; Global Leaders of Integrity Merit Award (Accra Ghana), ‘Pillar in Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation and Leadership Award” (Nigeria), Africa Achievers Award (South Africa) among many others.


Finally Dr. Charles has committed himself to leaving a legacy in the minds of the youths and young graduates through teachings and lectures in various publications on successful entrepreneurial skills, and how to get it right in business.