Company Profile


Everyday Group was incorporated in 2003, as a holding Company with controlling interest in the various subsidiary companies that form the Group. These subsidiaries are:-

1.       Everyday Supermarket Nigeria Limited

2.       Dimarine Nigeria Limited

3.       Mexan Services Limited

4.       Mexan Telecom Services Limited.

5.       Everyday Check Inn Limited

The Group manages the wide spectrum of activities of the subsidiaries in order to maximize synergy, engender efficiency and ensure seamless but dynamic service delivery while maintaining its traditional core values of integrity, hard work, modernization, entrepreneurship and visionary leadership..

The dynamic and seamless administration and management of the Everyday Group has not only established a strong foundation for the Brand but has actually strengthened the performance capacities of all the subsidiaries to achieve their various objectives in relation to their expertise, vision and mission, thus, retaining their various identities over time.


Everyday Supermarket is the flagship and ultimate face of Everyday Group. It has locations in the Port Harcourt, Owerri and Abuja. The Everyday Supermarket shops popularly called the Everyday Emporium, is filled with a wide variety of assorted items that carter for all income strata.

Everyday Supermarket is known for the quality and variety of products from groceries, cosmetics, food and provisions, baby/infant products, household appliances, furniture, electronics and Toys. It also has a wide variety of local food items and spices including a fully functional Butchery and frozen food section.

In addition, Everyday Supermarket Shops are equipped with in-store Bakeries. The Bakeries produce the Everyday Supermarket Bread with over 36 varieties which are every family’s delight on daily menu.  The quality/standard of production has been certified by the Food regulatory bodies to conform to GMP (Global Manufacturing Practices) Standards e.g NAFDAC, CPC and the Federal Ministry of Labour etc.

The shopping ambience in all Everyday Supermarket Shops is distinctive and ensures customers safety and pleasure while shopping. The operation runs on strong modern and state of the art ICT infrastructure. The check-out points are equipped with Point-of-Sales software and systems that make final check out by customers easy and effortless. 

The shops are supported by a large central Warehouse, where distribution and control of Branch Network activities are centered. This forms the hub of our business as it commands very high storage capacity and meeting the stock requirement of all the locations.


This company represents the initial manifestation of the vision of Dr Charles Dimnwaobi (the Group Chairman/Managing Director) towards creating a business brand that could stand the test of time. It was first registered as a business enterprise immediately he successfully completed his skill/entrepreneurial training under the icon/business guru, Mr. F C Okpala. It was later incorporated as company limited by shares and called Dimarine Nigeria Limited.

The company started out in the marine industry as a service provider of outboard engines and spare parts. The company serviced markets in the coastal areas in the South/South and South West Nigeria.

Dimarine Nigeria Limited competed successfully with the likes of John Holt and other marine companies of the time. The Company won so many international Awards from Japanese and Chinese manufacturers such as ‘’Best Distributor of the Year Award’’ for consecutive years.  Owing to a dynamic management approach this company through strategic restructuring and integration has veered into other areas of interest.

Presently, Dimarine Nigeria Limited has become a subsidiary of Everyday Group. Dimarine Nigeria Limited plays the role of property acquisition and real estate development for the Group.


Mexan Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 2001 and presently is a subsidiary of Everyday Group and provides the services as the import and export arm of the Group. It is responsible for international procurement and product sourcing across the globe. Mexan Nigeria Limited is the architect of the avalanche of global product varieties in Everyday Supermarket outlets. Sourced from its many business Partners in USA, Europe and Asia.


The GSM telecommunication revolution in Nigeria came with tremendous business opportunities with huge success potentials. Dr Charles Dimnwaobi as a pragmatic entrepreneur saw the opportunities and successfully invested into the industry with the incorporation of Mexan Telecom Services Limited in 2002.

Mexan Telecom is a major wholesale and retail distributor of GSM handsets and accessories. Its customer base covers the whole of the South- South and South East Nigeria.  The availability of low, medium and high-end phones has made the company to become customers delight.

Presently Mexan Telecom Services is the biggest retail company in GSM business in the South - South region. It has offices in all Everyday Supermarket outlets in the region. All the products on sale have manufacturer’s warranty with ancillary after sales service and repairs.


The Everyday Check Inn Hotel is a luxury center with state of the art relaxation spots and modern hospitality facilities. It has a culture of international class and serves both continental and national cuisines. The Everyday Check Inn is fitted with a Dance Bar and Event center, a comfortable lounge with a Spanish Bar fully stocked to guarantee customers’ pleasurable stay. It also has a gymnasium, Laundry and 24-hour electricity and security facilities.

It is located in the highbrow GRA phase 2 with very serene atmosphere and homely ambience that fits in as home away from home. Its features can accommodate families, individual and corporate guests as the restaurant is filled with assorted menu prepared by World class chefs.


The Everyday Check Inn Limited has won many awards by government and other relevant Agencies and institutions for its world class services in the hospitality industry.